You Can Become A Successful Writer: Intro

You Can Become A Writer !!

We are happy to note your interest in becoming a writer. You are invited to study the course in this Ebook and also share them with others to your heart’s content. We want to assure you that if you are willing to commit at least thirty minutes every day for this profession, you will see success very soon. (All CRG Ebooks can be shared with others without making profit).

Before you begin your studies, do take the self-test shown below and note down your score somewhere as we will be asking for it. This Creativity Self Test will show you exactly where you are on the spectrum of creativity in writing. The higher the score, the faster you can succeed, and the lower your score, we urge you to work the harder towards attaining your goal.

Here is your Creativity Self-Test. Please answer YES or NO to following questions:

1–Have you ever written letters to others ?

2–Have you ever taught in Sunday School ?

3–Have you ever participated in any extra-curricular activities during school or college ?

4–Have you ever participated in debate competitions ?

5–Have you ever participated in extempore speeches ?

6–Have you ever delivered any kind of lectures ?

7–Have you ever participated in any kind of symposium ?

8–Have you ever participated in any kind of poetry recitation ?

9–Have you ever participated in any activity that required you to speak in front of a group of people?

10-Have you ever performed in dramas.

11-Have you ever taught a Bible class in your church, hostel, or any other place?

12-Have you ever preached in church, in a smaller group, or in a camp or conference?

13-Were you able to write essays without much difficulty during your student life?

14-Do you ever wonder about the boring speakers ? Has it ever occurred to you that you could have presented the subject in a more interesting way ?

15-Are you good at narrating jokes ?

16-Have you been longing for God to use your time in a meaningful way ?

17-Do you want to use your pen to glorify God ?

18-Do you want to have a ministry that blesses thousands of people every month ?

19-Are you a pastor who wants to bring blessing to a greater number of people ?

20-Are you a missionary or evangelist who wants to bring the message of salvation to a greater number of persons ?

21-Are you a housewife, retired person, physically handicapped person, or anyone mostly confined to home but with a desire to do something for the Lord?

22-Are you a student who can spare some time now for the Lord ?

23-Are you employed and yet desirous of using a small amount of time every day to help others?

24-Are you good at imitating others ?

25-Are you able to see the funny side of things ?

26-Have people ever told you that you have very interesting ideas ?

27-Have people ever told you that they were blessed by your message, conversation, counseling, advise, suggestions?

28-Do people enjoy your letters ? Do they feel blessed, excited, encouraged, or motivated by reading your letters ?

29-Do your friends ever seek your advise ?

30-Do you think that you can discipline yourself to shell out at least 30 minutes every day to glorify God through your pen ?


1–For each of the questions you answered YES, give yourself two points; For each question you answered NO, give yourself one point. Find out the total points.

2–Add 20 points to it if you love reading.

3–Add 40 points to it if you love writing.

4–Add 20 points if you have written more than 5 articles, poems, stories, or other items — but not published yet.

5–Add the following points if you have already published anything (articles, stories, poems, tracts, or anything else in print):

Up to 5 published works, 20 points
Up to 10 published works, 40 points
Up to 20 published works, 60 points
More than 20 published works, 80 points

Now Assess Your Creativity Level:

1–If your score is below 50 points: please forget about becoming a writer. Your gift lies somewhere else, and you should better be exploring those things.

2–If your score is between 51 and 100, then you are a creative person. Do not wait. You can become a successful writer with training and self-discipline.

3–If your score is between 101 and 150, then you are a highly creative person. What are you waiting for? Get on to training and you will achieve unbelievable success through your pen.

4–If your score is above 151. Wow ! You are an exceptionally creative person. With training and self-discipline you will be able to do things you could never imagine.

Even Clumsy People Become Outstanding
Craftsmen With Proper Training !!

Free-tuition. Masters and Doctoral Diploma Thru Distance Education:
Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology

Syllabus: Some of topics discussed In our Ebooks are shown below. This is not exhaustive because the course material is subject to constant revision to make it better. Thus new subjects are added regularly.

(Introduction To The Art Of Writing)

Why should you become a writer
Who can become a writer
How to become a writer

3–Types of writing
4–Manuscript preparation

5–How to get published
6–How to improve your language
7–A writer’s reading habits

8–A writer’s note keeping habits
9–A writer’s obligations
10-A writer’s self-discipline

(Development And Training)

1–Let us fix the goals
2–What is good writing
3–Christian writing and its importance

4–Improving your language
5–Improving your sentences and paragraphs
6–Improving the presentation of ideas

8–Improving the article (story, essay, etc.) as a whole
9–How to develop themes for writing
10-Editing your work

This Course, Properly Taken, Has Helped Many To Discover The Pot Of Gold !!

(Consolidating what you have learnt)

1–What can the printed page do
2–Marketing your writings
3–Managing your time

4–Choosing the stationary
5–Using published sources
6–Rules, regulations, conventions, and ethics


1–Specializations and fields of writings
2–Christian writer in the no Christian marketplace
3–Biblical writing

4–Apologetic and creationistic writing
5–Newspaper journalism
6–Creative writing (stories, poem, fiction)

7–Technical writing
8–Script writing (TV, Radio)
9–Evangelistic writing
10-Other specializations

This Course, Properly Taken, Has Helped Many
To Discover The Pot Of Gold !!

Some Questions ! (FAQ)

Question: Who are the people who offer these courses ?
Answer: These courses have been initiated by Dr. Johnson C. Philip, ThD, PhD, DSc. In addition, he was trained in journalism in India and abroad. He has over 2500 articles and 50 books to his credit, in addition to numerous courses that he has developed in the fields of apologetics and communication. He is also the chief editor of Insight India, Science And Faith, and Biblical Expositor three professionally published magazines. He is on the editorial board of numerous other magazines.

He has in past served on the editorial boards of the following periodicals: Quest, Jigyasa, Anjali, Vaichariki, Brethren Voice, Asian Christian. He writes a regular column on computers in one of the leading computer magazines of India. A group of writers and editors help this work as advisers. All of them have vast secular as well as religious writing and publishing experience in India and abroad.

Question: What is your affiliation ?
Answer: Calvin Research Group is theologically conservative. We will want the students to show the same attitude of reverence to the Bible. The certificate and diploma granted by us stand upon the merit of our own achievement and excellence. We refuse to affiliate it with any institution or movement that does not embrace the same respect for the Bible.

Question: Are you sure that I can become a writer ?
Answer: If you speak a language, if you are able to express yourself using that language, and if you have scored more than 50 points on the Creativity Self-Test, then you have all the ingredients to become a writer. With training and self-discipline you can definitely become a writer.

Question: Who will ever publish me ?
Answer: The Christian world is flooded with magazines. India alone has an estimated 2000 Christian magazines and newsletters. It has several thousand unregistered periodicals. In addition to all that, there are over 40,000 registered periodicals. Thus the worldwide number of Christian and secular periodicals desiring articles is mind boggling. There is no shortage of opportunity. (In addition, there are several thousand net-based periodicals on the Internet, and most of them invite article submissions).

Question: But I have not seen many of these magazines ?
Answer: That is because you have not been looking for them. They are there, and plenty of them are facing a shortage of quality writings. You will discover them when you start looking for them. In one of the lessons we will explain this subject in great detail.

Question: Can I get published in both spiritual as well as secular publications ?
Answer: Yes, if you are willing to discipline yourself and if you are willing to look for opportunities, you will be able to publish in Christian as well as secular publications. Many of our students are already doing it.

Question: What is the use of becoming a writer ?
Answer: Writing is a special hobby, ministry, and profession. It enriches both you as well as the thousands of people who read you. What is more, almost anyone can develop into a writer.

Systematic Training Can Help You Communicate Your Ideas Better, More Accurately, And In A More Acceptable Manner !!

Systematic Training Can Help You Communicate Your Ideas Better, More Accurately, And In A More Acceptable Manner !!

Question: Will you help me to get published ?
Answer: We have put a lot of information in the lessons to help you get published. Most students start publishing even before they complete the first module !! We will be happy to give additional help when needed by suggesting additional free resources.

Question: In what all languages can I publish in future ?
Answer: Even though we offer this course in English, the principles that we teach apply to all languages. Therefore using these principles you will be able to write in any language that you know.

Question: Can I earn a living through writing ?
Answer: The purpose of our training it to develop your God-given talent of communication. The primary aim is spiritual ministry, and not income, though some people might be able to earn some money through writing.

Free textbook. No Tuition. Masters and Doctoral Diploma Thru Distance Education. Mentor For Each Student. International Faculty:
Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology

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