Why Should You Become A Writer !!

Since you have already passed the Creativity Test with reasonably high scores, it is clear that you CAN write. Still you might wonder why you SHOULD write. After all, not everyone develops all his hidden talents!

True, not everyone develops all his hidden talents. Nor is it humanly possible to give attention to all of one’s abilities. Consequently everyone has to decide what he is going to develop and what he is going to leave. The ability to write does not come in what is to be ignored.

Nobody loses much, for example, if a person decides to ignore his acting or mimicry skills, but everyone in the society loses if a person ignores his gift of writing. This is an ability that helps not only the person who writes but also the thousands who read him. We could, therefore, suggest dozens of reasons why you should become a writer, but we are confident that just the five reasons given below will be more than enough for the purpose.

The FIRST reason for becoming a writer is to help, motivate, and guide others. Everyone has a conscious or unconscious desire to help others. However, in this busy world where everyone seems to suffer from a chronic shortage of time and resources, it seems difficult to help many others. Yet almost everyone can play a definite role in the lives of others through their pen. Your writings can help people in need, motivate the tired, uplift the depressed, and give direction to the lost. The ultimate aim is the welfare of others, and writing is a perfect tool for doing this.

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SECOND, you should become a writer because writing is a very special hobby. Everyone must pick up a hobby so that his free time is used properly, and also so that he has a method to refresh the mind. Writing is a unique hobby because it provides many extras, compared to other hobbies. It not only refreshes you and channels your time into a productive activity, but also helps people who are in need. There cannot be a better hobby that combines both self-fulfilment as well as helping others into one and the same activity.

THIRD, you should become a writer because this provides a convenient means of earning some extra income. We are not implying that all writers become rich. They never do. What’s more, writers do not get a single penny for many of their writings. Yet once you get established, it will surely bring you some income. This will ensure that instead of draining away your money, this hobby will sustain itself and also supplement your income.

FOURTH, you should become a writer to sharpen your way of thinking. While it is true that we all do a lot of thinking, we have to accept that most of it is not done in an efficient way. Productive thinking requires a lot of skill, but that does not come automatically. However the way a writer has to grapple with understanding and expressing issues is so exacting that this hobby soon sharpens his thought process, refines his capacity to evaluate, and increases his understanding of complex issues of human life.

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FIFTH, you should become a writer, and become one now, because these days a tremendous explosion is taking place in the print media. A few decades ago many prophets of doom predicted that the death of printed material is at the door. On the contrary, the explosion of TV, VCR, photocopiers and computers has brought a simultaneous explosion of books, magazines, bulletins, souvenirs, and handbills. So much so that today the available opportunities are far more than the number of available writers. This means that there are plenty of openings everywhere, waiting to be filled by the right kind of writer. If you make it to the print media now, you will be a well known writer in less than a decade !

Think of the five points above ! No other hobby or occupation in the world can promise all these things together. If you become a writer, you will be able to help and motivate others, you will be able to earn a name, fame and money too. What’s more, you will be the proud owner of a unique hobby that enriches not only you but also others. All the while it enriches and sharpens your thinking, understanding, and expressions. The best time to develop this hobby is NOW because the exploding number of printed periodicals has created an unusual demand for writers with all kinds of specializations.

Who Can Become A Writer ??

Many people harbour this erroneous idea that only special and uncommon people, who live in ivory towers and who speak only the exotic languages of angels, can become writers. They couldn’t be mistaken more. While it is true that a minority of writers live in seclusion, and a few do not speak in comprehensible language, they do not represent the majority. Most of the successful writers are just common people like me and you, but with one difference: they exploited the opportunities available to them, and became well known or well loved writers.

Only about five per cent of the successful writers were born that way. They did not need external training or motivation. However, the remaining 95% of the writers did not come equipped from their mother’s womb. They learnt the art, science, and economics of writing through the hard way. Therefore, you do not have to be born a writer to become a successful author.

Anyone who is literate, has the desire to write, and is willing to pay the cost, can become a successful writer. Not all of them can become millionaires, but all of them can become successful and well respected writers. The cost is to be paid not in terms of money because that makes up only a minor fraction of what one spends. The major cost comes in the form of self-discipline. The person aspiring to become a successful writer has to discipline himself in three matters.

First of all, you should be willing to invest time to get training. You should join a good correspondence or regular course where you acquire the linguistic tools that writers need. Second, you should be willing to spend time regularly to put your training into practice. Third, you should be willing to keep studying all your life. You have to continue studying both the craft of writing as well as the subjects on which you write. You will agree that this is only a reasonable cost for the mental and spiritual blessings, self fulfilment, and the name that your writings will bring you.

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You might wonder if there is any special profession to which most writers belong. When it comes to specialized writings like textbooks and monographs, the writers must surely be con
nected to that discipline of study. However, there is a great diversity among people who write material for day to day reading. The majority of writers fall into this category.

Among the successful writers you will discover students, housewives, businessmen, office clerks and people from almost any profession that you might imagine. Self discipline and commitment is what goes to make a good writer, irrespective of his profession. Thus, whatever your profession, you can become a writer !

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