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Anyone who has been near the strike of a lightning bolt during an electrical storm knows the terror that such a storm can bring. Every year there are people killed by lightning, fires started by lightning, and damage to man’s technology that costs lots of money to replace. Why do we have to have lightning? Is it a weakness or defect in the earth’s design or is it important?

In order for planets to make protein, they need nitrogen. The problem is that plants cannot take nitrogen from the air and use it to make proteins because nitrogen is not active chemically. Nitrogen has to be worked on by large amounts of energy to turn it into nitrates and other compounds that plants can use. The process of turning atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use is called fixing, and nitrogen has always been believed by biologists to be fixed primarily by soil bacteria.

Recent studies by Dr. Pud Franzblau have shown that lightning does more fixing of nitrogen than does bacteria, and his calculations show over a billion tons of nitrogen-fixed compounds a year are produced by lightning. Without the lightning, plants would not be able to grow and all life would die because plants are the base of the food chain of all living things. The high energy of lightning makes this possible, and man simply must use his head when lightning is in the area and allow the natural process to take place. It is not as though we have no warning when lightning is in our area.

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