As a public school teacher and science department chairman, I see all kinds of groups trying to get their agendas into the school system. The titles of a number of books being introduced to public school libraries do not really indicate their pro-gay message and, as a result, they frequently get adopted even though the schools may not be wishing to endorse a cause of this type. Some recent examples are Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming To Visit and Families by Michael Willhoite, The Day They Put a Tax On Rainbows, The Daddy Machine, and The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans and Other Stories all by Johnny Valentine, A Boy’s Best Friend by Joan Alden, Belinda’s Bouquet by Leslean Newman, and The Generous Jefferson Bartleby Jones by Forman Brown. For Theology Degrees, Distance Studies Check Trinity School[Free Courses offers this info With Permission from DoesGodExist.Org]

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