ICAATS: An Indian Accreditor for Distance Programs

Accredited distance education in theology received a boost with the arrival of  ICAATS accredited institutions where quality withut compromise was available.

The International Council For Alternate And Theological Studies (ICAATS) is an Indian NGO, which had an informal beginning in 1947  and since then it has been involved as an NGO  in informal encouragement of theological studies within India. What is more, several institutions outside India have also been guided and monitored by them for quality theological education.

Documents were submitted by ICAATS related people for Government Approval in 2003, and after the due course of examination such an approval was granted on 15th December   according to the laws of the State and Central Government of India. The approval was given by the registering authority of the Central and state governments.

Through this approval, ICAATS has  been permitted by the Government of India to play a deciding role in the development and accreditation of theological courses which do not come under the preview of University Grants Commission.

This approval by the Government of India  is in accordance with the Constitution of India, which in the 29th and 30th Articles grants special rights to the Minority Groups in India. This includes the right of Christians to establish, run, and accredit courses devoted to Christian Theology.

ICAATS is also authorized to accredit theological studies outside India in keeping with the international character of the Christian community. [With thanks from the ICAATS website] See Also How Was ICAATS Born

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