More Loyal Than The King Himself!

Many people think that Bible believers stand upon shaky ground while the evolutionists stand upon firm foundation. It is shown in this article that the opposite is true. The evolutionist stands upon a foundation of sand, yet he is not willing to abandon his loyalty to his assumptions !

Right from the time when Charles Darwin proposed the modern theory of evolution, scientific problems started surfacing against this hypothesis.  Darwin himself admitted in numerous places in his writings that even though his theory looks very attractive, it is beset with many problems.  But the whole intellectual and spiritual atmosphere of that time was such that people blindly accepted this theory as true, and no amount of contrary scientific evidence would shake their confidence in evolution.

The blind faith in evolution has produced a whole breed of scientists and writers who will just not look at the whole matter objectively.  As a result, they are not only ignoring the new evidences against this theory, but are also still teaching as true things that have been discredited long ago.

The greatly acclaimed  "fossil-man" is one such example.  The Piltdown man was exposed to be a fake, but it is still mentioned in many books as a proof of evolution. The Neanderthal man has been proved to be  fully human, but he is still depicted in biology textbooks as an ape-man.  The older and distorted pictures of Neanderthal man are still published even though it is based upon a wrong reconstruction.  Java man is still an object of respect.  But several decades from today, its discoverer had confessed that he had cheated the whole world to get a name and reputation for Java man !
The Embryological proof of Ernest Haeckel was a deception.  He had made numerous pictures of human and animal embryos, and claimed that these pictures showed how the human embryo passes through a number of animal stages — through which it had evolved in the past.  But after some years other researchers found that it was all a deception, and then Prof.  Haeckel was tried by the Jena University Court.  He was found guilty, and  he not only confessed his deception but also alleged that many of the best men working in different fields of biology were guilty of similar practices.  But even eighty years after it was all exposed as 
fraud, the Embryological proof is still being taught in a number of textbooks around the world !!

The general impression which people have of scientists is that they are men, completely detached from all forms of biases and prejudices, having only one aim — the discovery of truth.  This world would have been a simpler place to live if this were so ! A number of researched books and scientific papers have appeared recently which show that scientists do have their own biases and prejudices, and that they even cheat the process of science to maintain/prove their point of view.  Obviously, this habit will be carried into the writing of textbooks also.  They have found that the probability of cheating and bias is highest in Biological sciences !! This is the most interesting modern illustration of being "more loyal than the king himself !"  The alleged proofs have been discredited, but even several decades after the exposure they still cling to those nonexistent proofs !

It is very strange how we the human beings behave.  Plenty of people belonging to the evolutionary camp demand that Christians should abandon their belief in  Bible because it is alleged to contain many errors.  These allegations have never been demonstrated to be true, yet they feel it a sufficient cause to abandon faith in Bible.  On the other hand, when the same people are confronted those with proofs of evolution which have been discredited by their own scientific companions, they refuse to reject the theory of evolution.  Not only that, but to top it all, they still cling to the discredited proofs to support the theory of evolution.

Everyone will realize at once that we have a very interesting case in our hands.  There are two groups here.  The Bible-believers, and the evolutionists.  The evolutionists demand that belief in Bible should be abandoned because many people have alleged it to be full of errors.  These errors have never been demonstrated, but according to them, the allegation itself is enough ground to reject the Bible.  But on the other hand, when the evolutionists are told that all of their classic proofs supporting evolution have fallen from favour or have been disproved, they maintain that it is not enough to shake their faith in evolution.  Further, they are not willing to accept discredited proofs as false or contrary to evolution.

Obviously, the evolutionists are not being very scientific towards their theory, nor are they being very charitable towards those who would like to believe in the Bible.  The objective reader is invited to investigate the matter further and come to his own conclusion !

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