Creativity Course 1, Lesson 3

Being the Rose, an exercise in creativity
Emily Hanlon

Being the Rose Fall into the beauty of a rose and know yourself. If you cannot love yourself you will not be the rose.

We walk half asleep, experiencing only a small part of our creative passion, insight and being. Our vision is by the eyes of the mind, which are cast outwards. Creativity, however, is birthed in the cosmic landscape of the inner world, a place to which the mind’s eyes are blind, a place belonging to the vision of the heart and soul. The question is, how do we awaken to the immensity of knowing contained within.

One way is through nature. Nature, fully noticed, and entered into with the wonderment of children, gains us admittance into the unseen world. Another way is through our writing or other creative endeavors, but this has limitations. First, this entry is often sporadic. Second, our creativity tends to disappear as soon as we put aside our creative endeavor. Nature, on the other hand, is a natural guide. She is a primal image for creativity, so majestic that even the Inner Critic dares not challenge her! She infuses us in unseen ways. Often by being one with nature, the inner world embraces both our creative efforts and our daily life while shifting our perception of our place in the world.

In thinking about this, I came up with an exercise that I call Being the Rose. I chose the word being with great deliberation… Think about it… how being the rose differs from the image and feel of becoming…observing…considering the Rose.

The Exercise:
Look at the photograph of the rose above or find any flower, it doesn’t have to be a rose, and gaze into it until you feel yourself falling out of yourself and into the essence of the rose. This is akin to falling from the your mind’s eyes into your heart’s eyes.

Now dwell on this statement for a minute or two or ten:
The most creative force in existence is nature…

Your first response will likely be a thought that comes from your conscious mind. Let this thought go, then repeat the statement, The most creative force in existence is nature…

Allow the sense of these words to move an idea into a feeling. (You cannot do this through your mind. Only the inner landscape whose entry is through the heart will work.) Allow images to rise up from the unconscious. Do not hold on to any particular image. Let it float away and watch new ones arise.

Now open to the scent of the rose… Become the scent…

Open to the seeing if the rose… Become the seeing…

Open to the sound of the rose… Become the sound…

Open to the feel of the rose… Become the sensations…

Open to the taste of the rose… Become the taste…

Ask yourself, “When is the last time I allowed nature to share her creativity with me?”

“When is the last time I gave myself over to nature?”

“When was the last time nature stirred me to passion, quietude, ecstasy?”

Now sit down and write. Write without thought. Write without expectation….
Write or simply be…

Emily Hanlon is a novelist of seven works of fiction and a book on the creative writing process. She has been a writing and creativity coach for over 25 years. Her website,, is based on her belief that the multifaceted journey of creativity is not limited to the arts, but nurtures life at the most profound depths, those of the soul journey. Her website, explores writing through her dual pronged method of teaching technique while unleashing the imagination. Article Source :

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