Why Do We Offer So Many Free Courses?

14This website has specialized in offering totally free courses of all types for two decades now. We started it because people worldwide were demanding for online schools where free bible study lessons are made available. We also realized that there was a great demand for the following type of free courses:

  • Online General Free Courses
  • Online Free Bible Courses
  • Online Free Theological courses

We decided that this website would be dedicated to free courses in all the three areas mentioned above but of a non degree type. Free degree programs in theology were removed to the TGSAT website. Thus though both TGSAT as well are this website serve as online Bible Colleges, this site is devoted more to free bible courses that anyone can study without formal enrolment. Free bible study courses of this kind were once very popular and were known as ‘Bible Correspondence Courses’. The arrival of the net has only changed the methodology and now free bible courses are sent via internet rather than by mail. We also make a number of free bibles available via our other websites.

If you are looking for free bible courses by mail or by internet, we wish to assure you that this is the website for you. The number of free courses available here is very large and we keep updating what is available. We also keep uploading new free general courses and free bible and theology courses. Please do bookmark this site and do visit it occasionally to see if new free courses have become available.



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