[Free Courses Spiritual  News]:  To read the newspapers and a lot of religious journals, you would get that idea. Teachers in public schools (like your writer) always cringe when they see portrayals of teenagers in America as a group as being violent, immoral, crude, out-of-control, irresponsible thugs. The fact remains that it is the vocal few that fit this description. Of the kids I have in class, 99% are as good or better than their parents that I had in class when I began teaching 36 years ago. In Scientific American, May, 1995, is a study of delinquent young people in the western world that shows that Greek and Finnish young people surpass American teens in Omaha, Nebraska, in their delinquency and violent offenses. Why Omaha was selected is not clear, but it is interesting that American teens do not stand out as a group as more violent and delinquent than other countries when the numbers are actually examined. [Free Courses offers this info With Permission from DoesGodExist.Org]

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