[Free Courses News]:  One of the more misunderstood news items of the past 60 days was the story of a male first grader in North Carolina who kissed a female classmate on the cheek and promptly found himself identified in newspapers all over the country as a sexual harasser. Now we have seen all kinds of special interest groups jumping on the bandwagon, with a variety of attacks on public education as a whole. Those of us in the public schools understand that the question was “unwanted affection or touching,” not harassment; but discipline guides always lump all behavior of this kind under one banner. The girl kissed did not want to be kissed, and the school followed the standard procedure which got blown out of proportion by the media.

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In a world that encourages immorality, any attempt to have moral standards is going to be met with ridicule and scorn by the media. It is important to notice that this was a public school trying to get children to understand that you do not force physical contact on another human being. The school in question had a bomb threat after this incident, and the media has been demanding that the adults responsible be reprimanded. In some public schools, teachers and principals have capitulated to the media and the anti-religion forces by turning their heads when obscene language and gestures, or even physical handling, is done to students by other students. Let us support those who care about kids and the learning of moral behavior. [Free Courses offers this info With Permission from DoesGodExist.Org]


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