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If life is the result of evolution,then the first steps must have taken place at the chemical level. This is a very good possibility because chemical processes can be studied by man with precision and exactness. The chemistry, physics, and statistics of the processes which contribute to sustain life are known quite well, and one can study the question of chemical evolution of chemical evolution with much confidence.

Ultimately all chemical evolution must start with the bare elements like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. Then they should combine randomly to form molecules, and suitable molecules must then form large macromolecules, and this process must keep repeating till the first life appears. It all looks so easy at the conceptual level, but the actual chemical processes are to be under certain condition as laid by the principle of evolution. First of these condition is that all processes must be random.

An event is called random it it takes place completely unplanned. In the case of random activities, we can never predict what is going to happen next but the mathematics of probability can applied to study such events. Probability is never able to tell us what the next event will be but it is able to give us two very important information : how much is the probability of a particular event, and what will be the final outcome if this random process is allowed to continue for a very long time. This means that with the help of the theory of probability we can predict the result of random chemical reactions if these reactions are allowed to continue for the millions of years which the evolutionists usually assign to life on the earth.

Even though randomness is the first requirement of chemical evolution, it itself acts as the death sentence of evolution. This is because randomness is a far greater destroyer that it is a builder of order. Further, randomness can give rise only to very small orders while intelligence is required to create the type of order which is found in living cells. While randomness is not able to create all type of order, it is a great destroyer of them all. This is why bottles of medicines usually contain the instruction: ‘Keep the cap tightly closed, and store away from light’. If the cap is not tightly closed, air will enter the bottle and if it is not kept in a dark place, light will enter the bottle. Both of these conditions will give rise to random chemical reactions, and they will break down all the chemical compounds which were carefully planned and formed in the factory. So, contrary to the impression given to students of evolution, randomness is the greatest destroyer, not creator, of order. The longer the time period allowed, the greater is the disorder :

The second factor which is held responsible for life is the order inherent on atoms and molecules. Since no intelligent creator is to be involved, according to evolution, all the order that we see must somehow come from the matter itself. However, this demand immediately faces another problem. There are two types of order in the world : natural and externally imposed. If we allow a crystal to grow in suitable and externally imposed. If we allow a crystal to grow in suitable conditions, it naturally takes a beautiful crystalline shape.

No one has to arrange the atoms because the inclination towards this arrangement is built into it. But if we take aluminum, plastic, and other metals in suitable proportions and shake them together, they will not give rise to a jumbo jet because the information needed to make a jet is not inherent on the materials. That information resides in the human mind, which must first assemble 4.5 million components and then carefully assemble them to make the jet. Further, even if we put all these 4.5 million finished parts in a container and shake them, they will not join together to give us an assembled jet. On the contrary, this random motion will destroy those parts to such an extant that after a suitable length of time we will get only fine dust in the huge container.

If life on the earth is a product of evolution, then it must have started at the level of chemistry. But herein lies the greatest problem for evolutionists : They must invoke randomness and natural order to explain evolution. But randomness is a great destroyer of order, contrary to the demands of chemical evolution. and as far as order is concerned, the kind of information and order which is necessary for life does not reside on matter. Such order has to be created externally, just as a complex machine has to be made on other machines using vast amounts of human intelligence.

Chemical evolution by random processes looks like a good idea, but it is a proposal which works against the demands of evolutionists.

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