How So Many Free Bible Courses

The moment we started our ministry two decades ago on the net, we realized that there is a demand worldwide for free bible courses and free theological courses. Now the question was, how to fill this void. Soon it became apparent to many of us that domain plus hosting costs are going down. This immediately made us realize that we can use the emerging internet technology to offer totally free Bible and Theology Courses worldwide.

This is how this website Free Courses ( and Trinity School ( were born. Initially we launched free Bible correspondence courses. Soon we introduced free diploma programs in theology. These were so well received that not much later we introduced totally free bachelors and masters programs in theology. The demand was so great for these no fees theology courses that soon we came up with free doctoral programs in theology.

Two decades from that time, we look back with gratitude that the Lord enabled us to launch these theology training programs. Today anyone can have a full range of free theology non-degree and degree programs for three websites that we have dedicated to free theology training.

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