Christian Family, Free Online Correspondence Course Lesson — 9

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The Extended Family 

A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and it divided and  became four rivers. Love in the family is like a life-spring that should  overflow and water the extended family. If there is God’s love in our  heart for the family, we cannot exclude any member of the extended  family from our love, nor any other human being. We are obligated in  Christ to love every human being for whom He died. The Holy Spirit  fills our heart, and the living water flows forth to others. 

You may learn much wisdom from your grandparents and other older  relatives. You have an opportunity to be an example to many youngsters.  Your immediate family links you to the extended family, and the  extended family links you to mankind at large. Is this not God’s design?
The extended family opens to you a wider field to cultivate love amidst  trials. If you experience difficulties with a person, please remember:  Jesus Christ loved that person enough to die for him or her. The  awareness of this truth will bring wisdom in your heart concerning the  situation, and you will receive grace to love as Jesus loved you.  Mankind is one family – one flesh – in Adam. The Bible does not speak  of “races” because mankind, having a common father, is of one flesh
and one blood (Acts 17:26). 

What divides mankind is not color but sin that uses color as an excuse.  What divides mankind is not language but sin that uses language as an  excuse. Jesus Christ is the Savior from sin, and therefore from divisions  as well. He is the progenitor of the new family called the Church.  The Church is one new family – one Spirit – in Christ. Differences do  not divide in the Body of Christ because we are all baptized into one  body by one Spirit. Whether Jews or Greeks, whether black or white, we  were all made to drink of one Spirit. Where the Spirit unites, let not the  flesh divide. In Christ, we belong to one another for eternity. 

Jesus Christ died for every man. The wall that divided the Jew and the  Gentile was broken down by Jesus Christ. Sin had divided mankind, and  the cross (the sufferings of Christ) reconciled us to one another (Eph.  2:14-16; Col. 3:10-11). This reconciliation begins in the heart, and we  receive grace to love one another as we read in Col. 3:13-14.  Offenses are common, as we know from experience. We are to forgive  as God forgave us in Christ. Has there been an offense from us? We
humble ourselves and seek reconciliation without delay. Such a life of  genuine love will meet trials that will test one’s love, one’s forgiveness,  and one’s patience. Here we need to be full of the Spirit of Christ who  loved us and died for us. 

If the Spirit of God is drawing you to such a life of love, please yield,  and don’t hold back. Let us give ourselves in love for others as Christ  gave Himself in love for us. We may suffer loss, but we are in  possession of a wealth that cannot be lost. And that wealth is love.  Amen. 

Christian Family, Free Online Correspondence Course

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