(Free Course) Children: Are They People Or Things ?

For decades population-experts have been proclaiming that the world population is exploding at an awesome rate. They blame this for all ills of the society — hunger, joblessness, and increased crime.

Well-funded organizations have come up all over the world to persuade people to restrict world-population. The scare tactics used by them have set into motion an awesome  snowball of fear and reaction. Consequently, people in almost all countries are now mentally prepared for the extermination of significant portions of their population.

Abortion is one method of eliminating humans perceived as unwanted. It has been popularized as a powerful method of population control. Population control is a major subject in itself, and we will not discuss its ethics or necessity in this book. We will concern ourselves with only one subject here — abortion.

Many project abortion as an ethically and morally neutral method of population control.  To achieve a broad acceptance, and  also to cover up the moral implications, they have invented a lot of arguments in support of abortion.

No amount of propaganda can change the moral implications of a practice. But publicity can make people insensitive and blind to issues, and precisely that has happened here. Abortion is murder, and in this book we present the subject in the form of questions an answers. These questions have been picked up on the basis of the frequency with which they have been coming to us.

Q.   Some times a woman, who is pregnant, gets a disease which might produce a deformed or retarded baby. Isn’t it better to abort that child ?

A.   This is a highly emotional issue.  Most of us have been conditioned to believe that perfection and happiness are equivalent to each other.  But this is a fallacy ! Happiness is a mental state of a person who has a mature soul and spirit, and it surpasses all circumstances. It accepts that God works equally effectively through ALL circumstances according to Romans 8:28. (And we know that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.). This does not excuse us from doing all that is expected of  us, but it does prevent us from breaking moral and ethical boundaries.
Pondering over two questions will help us to see the issues more clearly.

     1  How perfect has one got to be before his parents and
        society allow that person to live ?

     2  Do parents, doctors, or the society, have the power to
        decide this matter ? Are they not trying to play God by
        arbitrating about who can be allowed to live ?

Perfection is a highly subjective quality and therefore there is no way in which it can be defined.  In fact, many societies (civilized as well as uncivilized) have tried to establish standards of perfection from time to time.  But in each and every case these criteria were gradually broadened to such extremes that a good segment of the population was wiped out.  The millions murdered by Hitler and Stalin are examples of this.  Whenever the quality of human life is measured in terms of a person’s mental or physical health, devaluation of human life sets in. Gradually these standards become more and more flexible so that more  and more people are declared unfit for the society.  A stage comes eventually when  families are allowed to eliminate any person who is considered unwanted for any reason whatsoever.

In God’s sight every person is endowed with sufficient quality to live on the earth.  This is because every person is born in the image of God.  Even if there is any outward imperfection it has been permitted by God. "Who has made man’s mouth ? Or who makes him dumb or deaf, or seeing or blind ? Is it not I the Lord ?" (Exodus 4:11).

Neither parents, nor doctors nor the society has any right to play God by declaring unfit whom God has allowed to have any kind of outward imperfection.  That person is born in the image of God. Whenever lesser standards have been used, the society gradually gave lesser and lesser value to the sanctity of life. 

Once the initial hesitation to touch the image of God is overcome, man becomes bolder and bolder to destroy any kind of person who is perceived as undesirable.  As a consequence, presently many societies are in the process of declaring the mentally handicapped, idiots, morons, imbeciles, the old and feeble and mad people as useless for the  society. 

Recently there was a court case in a western country where the court declared to the effect that children can starve a parent to death even if the parent is all right  and not willing to die.  Still other countries are considering the introduction of laws that would declare children up to three years of age the sole PROPERTY of their parents.  The owners of this property will be given authority to do all what they can do with their other property –  sell, lend, lease or  destroy !  All these countries used to place a high value on life, but they all degenerated into the present state when they liberalized abortion and advocated the "quality" of life concept.

There is quite a lot of confusion in the minds of people, mainly because of the aggressive propaganda in favour of abortion. Most of this publicity is designed to trap the unwary by touching his emotions and by blinding his rational faculties. This kind of  emotional thinking is dangerous when a decision has to be made on a subject as serious as the life and death of a person.

We will look at many other questions in the forthcoming chapters.       Presently at least this much should be clear : all ‘quality of life’ arguments ultimately destroy the unborn child’s right to life. He has been created in the image of God, which is enough and sufficient qualification to be born. All his possible and  seeming imperfections have been permitted by God. Consequently, their infirmities are not any kind of disqualification.

Whenever a society tampers with these values, it ends up by making laws to eliminate everyone who is perceived as "undesirable" on whatever ground that is dictated by the whims of the society or of the individuals in that society.

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