[Free Courses News]:   CAVE MEN OR CAVE APES? It is our contention that those who try to construct a scenario of lemur to man frequently ignore race in making their arguments. Was Homo erectus a different species than modern man or was he a different race? Was Neanderthal man an ape or a true man. New discoveries of Homo erectus skeletons have been made in Java in rocks considered to be 27,000 years old, much too recent for most evolutionary scenarios. A flute used by the Neanderthals at about the same time in Ljubljana (in Slovenia) indicates a talent for language and articulate speech, which many anthropologists try to maintain they did not have. We would suggest that wide varieties of ancient man spread over the whole world and that, as more and more data is gathered, we will see that there has been racial variation, but not an inferior cave ape evolving into various species of man, one of which led to us. The oneness of man is seen in many ways, and the fossil record is just one of them. [Free Courses offers this info With Permission from DoesGodExist.Org]

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