5 Best Free Theology Seminaries

Our students often ask us about the best 5 theological seminaries in the world. We have been studying distance seminaries for a long time and would like to offer you the following well-researched list:

  1. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology: TGSAT is the first and the oldest free distance program on internet. It practically came when the net became available and has the largest student body in the world. It also has the best quality theological education that is tuition-free.
  2. International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology: ISDET is a pioneer in free distance education in theology. Recently it joined hands with TGSAT to offer still better theological education free of cost.
  3. Apologetics Courses: If you wish to study Christian Apologetics totally free and without any exam, then this is the place to join.
  4. Dallas Theological Seminary – Free Online Courses: Offers several free theology programs
  5. Christian Leaders Institute: Free Online Christian Ministry Training

Check them out and you are sure to find a good theology program for your needs.

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