Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

If you liked the free online bible and theology courses on this website, then we are confident that you would consider our free online graduate programs in bible, theology, apologetics and counselling. Here is an introduction to our graduate wing known as Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology or as TGSAT in short:


Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is the final result of a vision that several people had about the need for training in Bible and Theology. Though a large number of Bible Schools and Theological Seminaries are there,  the mean behind TGSAT realized that these traditional institutions cater only to less than ten per cent of students who need formal education. The remaining 90% are unable to get such theological training because they are already into full-time work as pastors, missionaries, etc. What is more, 90% of those who need such training live in the poorest among the poor countries, and there is no way for them to pay fees for such formal programs.

This is where TGSAT comes in. A number of us finally recognized that we urgently need an institution that would offer the following:

  • A totally free Bible school
  • Absolutely no tuition fees
  • Totally online to reduce costs
  • Distance program so that there is no residency requirement

With the above in mind we created a totally free Bible school and theological seminary that is accessible to students from anywhere in the world. What is more, we decided to give all textbooks free by net-based downloads. This is how Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics came into existence the moment internet became available to general public. Over the years we have enrolled and sent free textbooks to more than 50,000 students worldwide — almost all of whom come from the poorest among the poor countries. At the same time, we have some very highly qualified students from developed countries who have come to TGSAT because of the very high quality of training that we make available.

If you are interested in this kind of training: no tuition fees, all textbooks free, best distance bible college, then come and visit TGSAT today itself.




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