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5There used to be a time when printed free bible correspondence courses were sent by mail. Free courses on various secular topics such as good health, better life, etc. were also made available by Christian organizations so as to attract students to their free evangelistic correspondence courses. Times have changed, cost of printed materials has become prohibitive for most Christian correspondence schools, and thus a good number of them have shifted to free online Christian correspondence courses.

Free online Christian correspondence courses have great advantage in terms of cost-efficiency, reach, and impact. Thus a number of bible schools, bible colleges, and theological seminaries have moved on this medium for offering their totally free courses to students worldwide.

We realized the effectiveness of free courses immediately after internet became available in India. The first thing we did was to launch a number of free bible and theology courses by regular emails. Soon after that we launched totally free online courses via our own websites. These included

  • Free secular courses
  • Free Bible courses
  • Free Theology courses

Today we are one of the largest fee course website in the world, with thousands of students studying these totally free courses every day from around the world. Please take a little time to browse around the site to see the large number of free bible and theology courses that are available on this website.


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