Personality Development Lesson 6

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It Is Time To Get Started !!

Many people feel distressed at the idea of reading the Bible every day. Such people should realize that nothing worthwhile comes free or cheap. We have only one life to live. Let us live it in such a way that we might not have to repent throughout Eternity !

Others are ready to implement a sensible plan, but feel that they would appreciate some help in understanding it all. There is good news for such people.

Plenty of Daily Devotion guides are available. There is Our Daily Bread, produced from Madras and other places. (Distributor Indian Bible League). Then there is a book known as Search The Scriptures now available in several languages. It helps the reader to cover the whole Bible in a slightly longer period of time, but with plenty of insights gained during this period.

Many Study Bibles are now easily available in English as well as in many Indian languages. It is a good idea to follow one of these from beginning to end.

Books on the theme of "how to study the Bible" are also available in plenty. All what is needed is a willingness to invest time and energy — for one’s own personal welfare.


As we come to the close of this Introductory Course To Christian Personality Development, let me remind you a few things. God — the loving Creator — has made plenty of provisions to help you attain excellence. You have to discover it through His word. So start a sensible plan to integrate Bible-reading and assimilation into your life.

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