Personality Development Course: Test

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Choose the appropriate answer. Honestly answer all questions.

Q1-Did you ever have a Born-again experience in your life 

Q2-If yes, how long ago was it

Q3-Were you able to read the complete Bible since that time 

Q4-If yes, how many times have you been able to read the entire Bible

Q5-Which church do you attend

Q6-Does this church have a regular Bible study

Q7-If yes, how frequently are you able to attend it

Q8-Do they discuss subjects having practical application 

Q9-Do you have any born again friends 

Q10-If yes, does this person read/study the Bible seriously 

Q11-Is there anyone in your church who can sincerely answer your doubts related to Bible, personal life, etc 

Q12-Is it possible to approach that person frequently 

Q13-In the light of your study of the course, write an assessment of your past Bible reading habits:

Q14-What has been the effect of this habit upon your growth, spiritual perception, maturity, and outlook to life:

Q15-After studying the last six lessons, did you make any decisions 

Q16-If yes, then mention them:

Q17-Did you choose any plan for Bible study 

Q18-If yes, then what is your plan:

Q19-Write your comments here if you would like to tell something to your personal instructor

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