Why We Offer Free Theology Courses

We live in a highly commercialized world and therefore it is natural for people to ask why one should offer theology courses totally free of cost.

We need to understand first of all that though this is surely a highly commercialized world, that such facilities can be enjoyed by less than 20% of the Christian population. The majority of Christians live in countries where they cannot afford any kind of tuition fees.

People in African countries, South America, many Asian countries, India can study theological courses only if it is available free of cost. That is why Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology at www.TrinityTheology.orgĀ  offers totally free theological courses.You can study bachelors, masters, and theology programs, courses, or degrees totally free of cost there. This present site at www.FreeCourses.org also offers a large number of free theology courses for you to understand the high quality free theology programs that we offer.

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