Free Will, Lesson 05

Was Man Created with a Free Will
Free Will, Free Seminary Course Lesson 05

What about the will of the unsaved?

The unsaved are bound to sin. They are unable to make “good” choices. All choices are made from their sin nature. What has become frequently known as Calvinistic theology teaches the Total Depravity of man. This theological belief is that man, though not as bad as he could be, was affected in every area of his being. That is his mind, will, and emotions. If God does not by regeneration change the heart of man he is unable to choose anything that is contrary to his sin nature.

There are two basic schools of thought concerning salvation and God’s providence. Arminian theology is opposite of Calvinistic theology, which is sometimes known by the acronym T.U.L.I.P. The acronym stands for total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irrestistable grace, and perseverance of the saints. Following are some Arminian errors in the theology of the will of man.

1. They do not believe that man’s will is totally bound and that he is unable to choose salvation apart from first being regenerated. There is a failure to understand the gravity of being bound to sin.

2. They often use the tactics of persuasion in evangelism instead of relying on where the Spirit will blow. Since they believe man has the power to choose God, persuasion is often used giving many a false since of security. “Make a choice for God”, “You can choose heaven or hell”, “Say this prayer”, or “Come to the altar” are often statements used. No matter man’s response to these, if the Spirit has not drawn that man, he is not saved.

3. Arminian’s fail to see that man’s failure to fulfill the law is not stemming from the law itself, but from man’s depravity. Christ did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. We are given His righteousness, a righteousness that we could not earn. This righteousness is accredited to the account of the believer just like original sin was accredited to the account of man.

4. They do not see that a salvation that is all of grace cannot be so if man’s will is free to choose. If man could choose salvation it would not be all of grace, but man working with God’s grace. Man’s will is given the same status as God’s. All true Christians would say that man is not above God, but what many fail to realize is that Man is not equal with God either.

· Man was originally created with a free will.

· After the fall, mankind’s will became bound.

· After the fall man made/makes real choices, but the choices made are from a sin nature.

· Those who are born again have been renewed and are able to make “good” choices.

· Though man is renewed after being saved, he is still in process and sometimes makes bad choices. These choices are no longer from his nature, but from sin.

· The unsaved have inclination towards evil only, but God does call them to choose salvation of their free will

· God is providential over all things, using the choices made by man.

Was Man Created with a Free Will
Free Will, Free Seminary Course Lesson 05

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