Does God Exist, Free Course, Lesson 5

The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

[This Lesson was contributed by Iype Oommen  after he went through this course. We express our gratefullness. We invite others to contribute course material which are downloaded by thousadns every month]

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is one of the most verifiable and observable theories of Physics and is a scientific fact. It states that order in a system decreases over time. It is a law which determines the directions of many processes in the universe. Directions of the natural phenomena such as the flow of water, heat etc are governed by this law. Water flows only from a higher level to a lower level, heat flows from hot body to cold body. No one has ever seen or will ever see a river flow uphill in this world.
We see this Law in action in other areas also. A building left to itself unattended to the natural forces will deteriorate and finally collapse. But we will never see a building coming up by itself with the help of natural forces. Building up, with a design and purpose, cannot happen at random in nature. The direction is clear in these processes. All processes under random (natural) forces take the universe in the direction of more disorder and scientifically speaking, the amount of available energy decreases in the universe. Alternatively, the universe is in a running down process.
According to the evolutionary theory of origin life came into existence by the collocation of molecules by chance (The mathematical probability of such an event is discussed elsewhere in this course) and formed  (the design of) the basic  constituent of life-DNA. To form such a highly complex design as that of a DNA with tremendous amount of information in it and for life to come into existence, the system should have violated its course of more disorder. The hurdles are not over by just the formation of the first protoplasm. The first life unit should survive the hostile surroundings (protecting
itself from getting oxidized in the early moments of its existence is highly improbable) and  reproduce itself in the direction of more order without any external intelligent influence is also a clear violation of the fact of science – the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
The postulate that a highly complex design, for example human being, with eyes, brain , mind (still most of it is a mystery to science) etc. came into existence by itself (or rather himself) through a series of random chances , all in the right direction ,against wrong directions with millions of wrong combinations and without any intelligent decisions involved can be best only by the stretch of  imagination and assumptions.
Increasing order through random processes against the downward course of the system  just cannot happen and that explains the need for an external intelligent  mind with creative force.
The Second Law clearly shows the need of an intelligent, all powerful creator to work against the direction of disorder and randomness to achieve  higher degrees of order – for example, life – to exist as seen now.

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