Does God Exist, Free Course, Lesson 1

Does God Exist ?
What Can An Intelligent Person Conclude  ?


In this course  you will study and master  the following exciting subjects. You would then find it very easy to face those who question your beliefs. 

1. Does God Exist
2. Science And God
3. Logic And God’s Existence
4. Theory Of Probability
5. The Relational Verification
6. The Historical Witness Of Bible
7. The Problem Of Pain And Evil
8. Let Us Conclude 

Lesson 1

Does God Exist ?

Some times back a smart-looking young boy came to me and said, “Sir I am an Engineering College student. I have been reading the Bible for some time and have come to argue that God does not exist”. I was happy to meet him, and welcomed him for a cup of coffee. 

I asked if he would keep his conversation strictly at the scientific level. He said he would, and added that this would be the appropriate approach seeing that he was an Engineering student. Without delay I invited him to present at least one experimental evidence that disproves God. He was dumbfounded. He had read plenty of publications written against God, but when confronted to support his contention he was unable to advance a single evidence. 

Nobody has proved that God does not exist, yet plenty of people claim that science has disproved God. It is time to face the issue. 


Since most believers lack the training necessary to discuss this question, they prefer to avoid any discussion whatsoever. While this kind of avoidance might conserve their faith, it might spell the doom to sincere inquirers. If a person wants to debate the subject just to show off his intellectual superiority or “modernism” it is better not to waste one’s energy. But if a sincere inquirer wants to discuss the scientific and logical aspects of the question, his needs must be met by a competent Christian. 

Our young people live in an increasingly atheistic world. The magazines they read, the music they hear, the peers and professors they have, are all against their belief in God. Many Christian boys and girls will confess how they feel isolated when the whole class laughs at their faith. 

Added to all this is the increasingly evolution-based education. A few generations ago they taught the subject only in at the college level, but no longer. Now every year they are sending the message to lower classes. So much so that now my daughter studies the evolution of mankind right from her first standard. 

Every deviant philosophy is bound to leave its impact and evolution is no exception. Once the young ones are indoctrinated with this theory, they automatically doubt the existence of God. After all, they unconsciously reason, if everything has come here by evolution then all these statements about God must be fiction. Add to this the subtle peer pressure, and they promptly renounce God. 

There is no shortage of Christian parents and leaders who wonder about whatever has happened to their once active young people. The answer is simple : indoctrination at a very early age has converted them over to tacit atheism. Only God’s mercy can now open their eyes. 

Every Christian must be ready to discuss the question of God’s existence — specially if he is in a leadership position. This can make all the difference to the young people who are still open to see both sides of the question. Once they are converted to atheism, it is too late to expect objectivity from them. 


Atheism is not a recent phenomena, and you should not be surprised at that. (Widespread belief in God should be more surprising, seeing that man is living in rebellion against God !) What is new is the explosive growth of this philosophy in the last two centuries. This is not an accident, but rather the culmination of two centuries of hard work done by them. 

About four hundred years ago the Western countries went through many liberating experiences — liberation from church, liberation from inhibitions, and liberation to present radical ideas. Using this atmosphere, several philosophers propounded ideas that negated the existence of God. These philosophies loosely united a lot of like-minded people, but they became a powerful lobby after Charles Darwin proposed his theory. Before Darwin all what they had was philosophical speculations against God. Darwin gave them, for the first time, scientific respectability. 

The theory of evolution found many takers, who knew that their speculations are lame if they do not get a scientific cover. The awe-inspiring evolution theory became the foundation of every branch of knowledge. Soon it reached educational institutions all over the world, and riding over it went the idea of atheism. If evolution is taught as a fact, atheism must follow as a conclusion. If atheism is accepted as true, evolution must be invoked to explain it all. They are but two manifestations of the same idea. 

Since education-system is the root of a thinking society, the influence of these philosophies at this level has led to widespread gains for them in the modern world. The hypothesis of evolution has become one of the foundations of education. This education system in turn promotes evolution further. Today almost all systems of education are controlled by the philosophy of education and the corresponding atheism. 

Since mass-media is a powerful tool for controlling and manipulating human behavior, visionaries educated in evolution use the media to further propagate their philosophies. The success has been unparalleled. Many surveys have established that people who control media and its direction tend, in general, to be radicals in their moral, ethical, and spiritual outlook. These values definitely influence the media-users in subtle ways. 

Modern man cannot avoid two things : education and media. He needs the former for becoming informed and needs the latter for staying that way ! Consequently, he is indoctrinated with atheism from the first day in school and then he facilitates this as long as he keeps his mind enslaved to the media. 

Persons brought up in this kind of a society are bound to be strongly influenced by evolution and atheism. These philosophies become the norm. What is more, many organizations are aggressively propagating atheism. In spite of all this, many break away from this indoctrination and wonder about God. They want to know the truth, and they should be helped to see both the sides. This is why this book has been written. Turn the pages, keep your mind open, and honestly weigh both the sides. 

The Purpose Of  This Course:  This course has been prayerfully prepared by people  who want seekers to know objective truth. Scholars and researchers all over the world have spent hundreds of thousands of hours in experimental, theoretical, and library research into the relationship between Bible/Science/Evolution. Enough course material is available today to offer University level Bachelors to Doctorate level courses. But since most people are interested only in knowing what is just sufficient for their needs, we are offering this brief eight-lesson course for them. If this does not meet your needs, we can always guide you to more advanced courses, books, and library-research.

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