Does God Exist Free Course — Appendix

The Message Of Bible

Bible is quite a big book with two major sections, sixty-six subsections, and over 31,000 still smaller divisions. If you are new to this book, this size can overwhelm you. A sensible approach of reading can, however, solve this problem.

We suggest that you refer to the Table Of Contents and make yourself familiar with the two major sections called Old Testament and New Testament.

The Old Testament is divided into 39 books while the New Testament is divided into 27 books. Each book is divided into chapters, and each chapter is divided into small verses for your convenience.

These books were written by 40 writers over a period of 1500 years, and there is no way in which they could interact with each other. Yet the entire book has only a single theme and a single message for mankind.


According to the Bible, all men are sinners. The wages of sin is death. Consequently, every person deserves only one thing — spiritual death and hell. No one can save himself from this. But God, in His love, has opened a way.

Lord Jesus came to this world to give His life as an offering in your place. He died to pay the penalty of your sins.

Now that He has paid the penalty by His death, you can become free from this penalty by accepting Him as your Saviour.

Recognizing that you are a sinner, pray to Him saying that you accept Him as your Saviour right now. God’s gift of salvation will be yours.

When man give you something, he expects you to pay back — sooner or latter. But when God give, He gives it as a true gift ! Accept that gift today, and become a blessed child of God.


If you want to investigate these things from the Bible, check the following 
biblical references :

Man Is A Sinner : Romans 3:23; Psalms 14:2,3; Psalms 143:2

The Wages Of Sin : Romans 6:23, Romans 5:12

Man Cannot Save Himself : Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16; Acts 4:12

God Wants To Give You New Life : John 3:16; John 1:12

How To Obtain The New Life : John 1:12; John 3:16; Acts 13:28,29; 
Acts 16:30,31

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