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017Each of us has a philosophy of life, what life means and why we’re here. Few have taken the time to examine their view of life, and probably aren’t even aware they have one. Philosophers call this philosophy of life a world view, for it reflects our view of the world, especially as a whole. Many feel that the task of philosophy is to find “a consistent philosophy of life….forging chaos into unity.”

In five simple theological lessons we present an introduction to Christian WorldView. Here are your free lessons:

How These Free Courses Work

Please remember that these free non-degree Bible courses are not part of Trinity School graduate program. Rather, they are offered to those who would love to study without joining Trinity full time.

You will often see an exam at the end of the last lesson. That is for your self-study. Do not send them to us. Rather, discuss the answers with your pastor or a Christian leader. These free bible courses are provided totally free to you as a service of Trinity Graduate School for Apologetics and Theology. You do not have to join Trinity to study them. A large number of these free bible courses are given on this site. Please go back to the home-page to see these courses. Take advantage of this opportunity to study theology totally free. Do bookmark this site and be sure to study all those theology correspondence courses.

There are also a large number of free seminary level ebooks on this site. You can access them from the home page. Be sure to download them. They are offered totally free to you as part of our “A Bible School/Seminary In Every Home” project. We keep adding new books here every month, so do take advantage of this offer.

If, however, your interest is in graduate level course then you need to apply for enrolment into appropriate course. For doing so please click the link of Trinity School shown below, find the graduate course of your choice [bachelors, masters, doctoral program] and should then send an online initial application. The syllabus/textbooks of those courses are totally different from the material presented here for non-degree self-study courses.

Jeff Johnson is a Trintiy Graduate StudentThe tuition is free, textbooks are free, and the distance program helps him to manage time according to his convenienceThe workload is heavy, but then the student-friendly institution and Mentors make it a joy to study with Trinity. You can be the next!


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