Christian Personality Development Lesson 4

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Why The Bible For Personality Development ?

Most people expect a Personality Development course to be some sort of a Magic — which works upon them, but for which they have to do no labour. Let us not fool ourselves, NOTHING worthwhile can be obtained in this world without working for it.

Almost all precious things require a lot of HARD work. You might wonder if I am planning to lead you into some kind of struggle which would be too much for you. Not at all ! Rather, I wish to point out that you are a brave student because you have come so far so fast.

Now at this point you might begin to wonder if the whole course is made up only of Bible-studies ! The answer is NO ! The course is actually a mix of Bible-studies plus discussion of scientific subjects that are related to Personality Development ! Soon we will be discussing subject like memory-improvement, overcoming fear and anger, overcoming lustful thoughts, and many, many other such themes. Of course all of this is controlled by a Biblical world-view.

There are plenty of Personality Development courses that delve directly into the above subjects without discussing the Bible at all. However, any course of study that handle human beings, their present nature, a change of nature, etc. without bringing in the Bible would bring only temporary benefit. Permanent benefit and change would come only when the renewal is attempted from the foundation onwards.

Answer the questions in your diary:

Q1-Can a crack in a building be repaired by merely repainting it

Q2-Why not

Q3-Why should the mason repair it from the foundation onwards

NOTE: Only a strong foundation can support the weight of a massive structure. If weak, the structure would automatically collapse, no matter what repair one does at the surface.

Q4-God knows the problem of humans from foundation onwards. Would you like to be helped by His word

Q5-Are you willing to devote at least 30 minutes a day to study this subject

Q6-Do you realize that there is NO shortcut to this

Q7-Do you realize that all those who offer shortcut are trying to help you by painting the cracked wall, and not by repairing from the foundation onwards

Q8-Read Romans 12:1,2. Then write your comments:

A-Which is the place where renewal has to take place

B-What areas of your life are affected by this renewal

C-Can a person’s mind be really transformed/renewed without if he does not spend time with the Bible

Record these answers in a diary for checking them at the end of this course.

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