Christian Life Free Course, Final Test

Test: The Christian Life I 

Q1. Mention some of the major components of a practical life 

Q2. Why does a believer need a regular quiet time 

Q3. Why should a believer seek God’s will for his life 

Q4. What do you understand by stewardship, and how do you propose to be a good steward 

Q5. How productive have you been in the areas mentioned in this lesson 

Q6. What are some of the areas in which you had to fight with the world, the flesh, and the devil. What have you been doing for obtaining victory.  

Q7. In what all ways did this course help you.  

Free textbook. No Tuition. Masters and Doctoral Diploma Thru Distance  Education. Mentor For Each Student. International Faculty:
Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology

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