Christian Life Free Correspondence Course Lesson 1

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Introduction: The word ‘walk’ in the Bible, especially in the New Testament, speaks of life. So when we speak of Christian walk, we mean Christian life. Jesus Christ has given us spiritual life. In this present evil world we should live as children of God. So, the subject matter of this booklet is Christian Life, as we ought to live it. We will begin with our quiet time with the Lord.  

Our Quiet Time

Man was created to live in fellowship with God. This fellowship was lost when man fell in sin. When a person is saved this fellowship is restored. The quiet time is that period of time when you have a daily time of personal fellowship with God through worship, prayer and the word – a time that is deliberately set aside to meet with God. This is not a time of personal Bible study, nor a substitute for Bible study.  

David said: “you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand (Ps.16.11)”  

A. Our need for quiet time?  

We live in a busy world. This world is under the control of the evil one (1 Jn.5.19). We are strangers in this world in the sense that we are away from our home, and we are pilgrims in the sense that we are on our way to our home. We need wisdom to live in this world and this is possible only as we live in fellowship with Him. Our Lord Jesus in the days of his flesh lived in constant fellowship with the Father. Though through the day he was busy in ministering to others, when others went home he was alone in fellowship with the Father (cf.Jn.7.53-8.1; Mark 1.35; Lk.5.16). If the Son of God needed this quiet time, how much more do we need it.  

The quiet time is the vital breath of the Christian. As a child of God it is your privilege to be in communion with the Lord. We will face many temptations and trials as we continue to walk as Christians. Our closeness with the Lord will give us strength to overcome them. In one sense it is the recharging of our spiritual batteries. It is the life force of every Christian.  

Great men of God like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua and David and many others like them rose up early in the morning to worship and obey God (cf.Gen.21.14; 22.3; 28.18; Ex.24.4; Josh.6.12; Ps.57.8; 63.1; 78.34 etc). We have the promise of God that those who seek him early will find him (Prov.8.17). Any worthwhile saint whether in the Bible or in the Church of God is the one who practiced the presence of God in his life. Someone has said; ‘if you want to find out what a man is really like, find out what he is like alone with God”.  

When Moses was alone with God for forty days and forty nights his face was radiant ‘because he had spoken with the Lord’ (Ex.34.290. The quite time spent with God is the most important time in the life of every Christian.  

Our Lord is the Lord of everything. Angels worship Him. But in all His creation no one can worship God as His redeemed children. It is our privilege. In that heavenly scene of worship (Rev.5) the Church is closest to the Lord in worship. When we have this privilege in this world also should we miss it?  

King David, who lifted up his soul to the Lord said: “Show me your ways O Lord, teach me your paths, guide me in your truth, and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long (Ps.25.4, 5). Should we miss the direction in our life because we did not ask the all knowing and all might Savior?  

We have peace and joy in the presence of the Lord. In the world we have tribulation. But should we miss the joy and peace, which are our portion, when we are alone with Him? (Jn.16.33; Ps.16.11).  

B. How to have a quiet time?  

It is easier said than done. Many complain that they don’t have enough time. On the other hand Martin Luther, the father of Reformation said: “I have so much to do today that I must at least spend three hours in prayer”.  

The correct attitude to come before God is humility and wholehearted devotion. The Lord looks to the heart (1 Sam.16.7). Enter his presence with reverence and thanksgiving. It is not a time to rush in and rush out. We can expect great things from him. He is a great God and greatly to be praised. He is the Lord of lords and King of kings. Before we speak to God it is necessary to quite our hearts.  

Select the right place and a specific time. It should be daily. The first hours of the day, before we begin our daily routine is the best time suitable for this. ‘Early will I seek thee’. Select a place where you will not be disturbed.  

It would be wise to prepare the previous night itself for this appointment. Your Bible, notebook and pen should be ready. When you have quieted your mind and heart start praising God for who he is and thanking Him for what He has done.  

Place all your needs before Him – the day before you and what you wish to do during the day. The people whom you expect to meet and the problems or temptations that you are likely to face may be placed before him. Confess your weakness and your dependence on the Lord. Ask Him to help you to face the day. You can tell him of the opportunity you may have to witness before others concerning the Savior. Ask for wisdom and direction to face each day.  

Start reading the Word. Continuous reading of the word of Genesis to Revelation is preferable. Meditate upon the portion of the Bible that you are reading. It is not the length of time you spent with God or the length of the passage read that is important; but the quality of time spent. Expect God to speak to you, and listen to His voice.  

We have noted before in ‘Bible Study’ (Follow up series No.3) that Bible is good for, Doctrine, Reproof, Correction and, Instruction in righteousness. As you read the Word, review the above four areas and relate the scripture into your personal life. Mark the words, or phrases that speak to you. Summarize what God has spoken to you each day and note them in your notebook. As you continue this practice daily you will find a definite pattern emerging. You will be surprised to learn the way the Lord is instructing you every day, and how you are able to utilize the teaching you have received in daily circumstances.  

In your daily learning at the feet of the Lord mark in your notebook what God has taught you in the above four areas. If it is teaching, thank God for it. If it is reproof, accept it humbly. If it is correction, tell Him that you have accepted His guidance. In the case of instruction, promise Him you will do so with His help. Each day you can record not only what God has taught you but also what you have told him. Next day, before your quite time review the previous day’s instruction and your response. As the days go by and as you grow in the Lord, this time will be more meaningful to you than any other time.  

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