Bible and Science 6

Lesson 6 
Conclusion !!!

A course like this became necessary because a determined crowd all over the world is making a lot of noise against the Bible, confusing those people who have not seen both the sides of the picture. This crowed is made up of many scientists, philosophers, thinkers, educators, writers, rationalists, atheists, and special-interest groups. Some of these people are basically sincere, but delusioned into believing a lie. On the other hand, many in this group are highly prejudiced against Bible, and are determined to spread their doctrines using subtle techniques of mind-alteration. 

Tens of thousands of individuals and thousands of organizations around the world know that if their way of life is to find acceptance then their philosophy as to triumph. This is the reason why they are using techniques of propaganda to alter the minds and attitudes of entire generations. They work through the education system, video, audio, and print media. They are systematically exploiting all available channels of propaganda to impress their false philosophy upon people. The results are obvious. 

Today many educated people are confused about the relationship between Bible/Science/Evolution. Books attacking Bible become bestsellers; Christian students face strong attacks and mockery from their teachers and fellow students. This is all because they have been shown only one side of the reality. In this course, however, we have shown you the other side so that you can see through all this deception. 

Science has NOT discredited the Bible. Evolution is NOT an established fact of science. Archaeology demonstrates that Bible is the most reliable ancient book. 

What Did We Study:   We studied four main things, and let us review them

1–What Is Science: We saw that science is the result of man’s quest to explore the Universe. It is the objective and systematic study of matter and energy. 

Modern science came into existence as a direct consequence of the Protestant Reformation, as recognized even by Non Christian scholars. Therefore only a blind person will claim that there is a conflict between Bible and science. 

Physical sciences deal only with things that are matter and energy. Biological sciences deal only with biology, and historical and sociological sciences with history and sociology. Every branch has its own methods of proving/disproving information, but the same techniques are inadequate when used in other branches of learning. 

Science is made up of facts as well as theories. Both are necessary for the growth of science, but of these two only FACTS are known for sure. Theories keep changing, and many of them even get abandoned in the course of time. 

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2–Bible And Science:  Statements of Bible have never contradicted any fact of science. On the other hand, no fact of science has ever contradicted any statement of Bible. 

Further, hundreds of statements in Bible contained scientific truth thousands of years before the scientific establishment discovered them. 

3–Bible And Evolution:  The theory of evolution is only a THEORY as the name itself suggests. About two centuries of investigations have not succeeded in establishing it as a fact. 

Billions of fossils have been discovered, but they have not provided even a single intermediate form. At the same time, whatever fossils were thought to be intermediate (less than two dozen) have vanished from these scene due to recent investigations. 

Man’s evolution from monkeys or monkey-like creatures is only a supposition, and there is NO fossils proof for it. Rather, recent findings have shown that modern man is as old as monkeys in the fossil record. 

Since Evolution is only a hypothesis, there is no question of reconciling it with the record of Creation. Let it first become a fact of science, and then one can think further. 

4–Bible And Archaeology:  Archaeology is the science of excavating and studying remains from past civilizations. Using these remains, it reconstructs the past history as accurately as possible. 

Bible contains a lot of history, specially about civilizations in which current archaeology is also interested. Everyday they are bringing up more and more information about these civilizations. 

Radical critics of the last two centuries were convinced that this branch of learning will prove to be their greatest tool of demolition. Some of them even went so far as to say that the historical narratives in Bible will be discredited in less than one century. 

Archaeology, however, turned out to be the greatest friend of Bible. Wherever its finds could interact with the Bible, there it has only confirmed the reliability of the Biblical narrative. So much so that some unbelieving researchers even became believers in Bible after they saw these wonderful confirmations. Today there is no ancient book that stands vindicated like the Bible. 

The first thing to remember is not to waste your time on those who desire only to argue but have no spirit of inquiry. You will never be able to convince them because they are not interested in facts. 

On the other hand you can help a sincere person in many ways. The first is to share your insights with that person. You might find it difficult in the beginning, but the more you do it the more your communication skills will develop — and the more convincingly you will be able to explain. 

The next is to introduce this course to them. This might turn out to be a milestone in their lives. We will be happy to send it to them free of cost, exactly as we sent it to you. 

Further, if you are facing these questions frequently, then you might want to stock some of the simplest books/booklets on these topics. 

May God bless you !  

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